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Dental Implants


Imagine replacing your teeth with the best option available in dentistry but when you are handed the treatment plan outlining the fee, your stomach drops as you realize it is just a dream! That dream is once again a reality in our office!


We offer Affordable Implants!  


  Implant Fee: NOW ONLY $2799

This fee includes the Implant, Abutment, and Implant Retained Crown (per tooth). 


* Implants are comprised of three separate services and our fee includes all three services (components of an implant) and all three procedures can be performed in our office. We offer same-day crowns, which in most cases will allow us to finish the treatment once the implant has healed.   

                          1) Implant-The implant (screw inserted into the bone) is a replacement for the root of the tooth, this is the part of the tooth that is only visible on an x-ray. The implant provides a strong foundation for permanent restorations (implant-retained crowns) or removable replacement teeth (implant-retained partials or dentures). 

                      2) Abutment- The Abutment 

                      3) Implant Crown- 
* Your follow-up visit will be scheduled 3-4 months after the implant is inserted and at that appointment, we will secure the abutment and make the crown all on the same day. This eliminates going to several different providers to finish your treatment not to mention saves immensely on time away from work or your favorite activities. 

What Are Dental Implants?

Despite all of the advancements in dentistry and dental care, there are still millions of Americans who suffer tooth loss largely due to tooth decay, periodontal disease, or traumatic injury. For most of the population treatment options for extracted teeth were bridges (which can be quite expensive), partial or denture. Today, dental implants are safe and affordable.

In this insurance-driven industry even if you have the high yearly maximum to cover the best options, insurance companies routinely give an alternate benefit of the "least expensive alternative clause" which usually means a removable partial payment for crowns, bridges, or implants. we have provided a link below to insurance Facts, Answers, and Questions for your information. 

Options for Replacing Missing Teeth:   

1. Single Implants 

2. Implant Retained Bridge 

3. Implant Retained Partial/Denture

Single Implant

Single Implants are the most common procedures performed.

Your initial consultation consists of a Detailed Consultation and a panoramic x-ray is taken to determine adequate bone density and to create a detailed treatment plan. 


Insurance Benefits FAQ:

(Click the link above for some relevant information)



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